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What First Time Campers Often Forget

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You’re heading to the great outdoors! Hurrah! Well, maybe slow down a little. If you’re a first time camper then you’re going to need to make sure you become familiar with exactly what it’s like spending time in the great outdoors, because it isn’t simple and it isn’t easy. Here are a few tips we’ve brought together to make your first-time trip run as smoothly as possible.

Camping Can Hurt

Back Pain

This is one of the best things you can learn before you head out on your trip – there’s so much to camping that could hurt you. You’re probably going to be bending down, lifting up and dragging bits and pieces around, and that’s just putting up the tent! Be careful otherwise you’ll end up needing a back brace. Once you’re in the tent, sleeping on the ground can be a pain, too, and cause all sorts of back pain. If you don’t take note of where you’re pitching your tent, you may end up sleeping on a root of a tree raised from the ground. Trust me, it happens! Check out PerfectPostur.com if you’re looking for more health information on your back.

You’re Not at Home Anymore

Make sure you remember that you’re going to be away from the hunkydory luxury of your home, so a personal bathroom, an oven and other amenities that you reply on aren’t on offer as readily as they are at home. Which means a couple of things: first, you need to prepare properly and secondly you need to take away that level of expectation that you’re not at home anymore.

Know Your Cooking Equipment

Cooking Equipment

Coming on this trip, you will cook your food differently than you do at home. A piece of shiny foil and a gas cooker will now help you prepare a culinary masterpiece. If you take a quick fishing trip, you can cook up that fresh fish you caught, but you’ll need to have your wits about you as it isn’t as easy – or as quick – as you’re used to. But it’s much more fun, so it somewhat evens itself out!

Don’t Get Too Ambitious

This is your first time, so remember not to try and take on the world in the time you’re there. Keep it simple and work your way up to becoming an outdoor legend. Get a simple tent, take it easy, and watch how ambitious your hikes become. The best bet it to consult a park ranger or experienced friend to see what, exactly, would be right for you.

Don’t Become Squeamish

You’re likely to see some pretty creepy crawlies and insects on your travels, so be sure to be aware of this before stepping out of your door. Camping isn’t for everyone, but I firmly believe people who don’t enjoy it don’t know what they’re letting themselves in for. Don’t be one of these people!

So, there we are, a pretty comprehensive list of things to note if you’re a camper virgin. Be safe, don’t be too ambitious and remember your surroundings. The outdoors is dangerous, but it’s also incredibly good fun if you act with common sense.

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