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Take A Trip Fishing! 4 Things You Can’t Do Without

There’s sometimes no better way to unwind that to take a trip away from it all. Getting away, making a break for the hills and throwing your phone and your laptop to one side. Nature will make us feel fresh and will help us forget the woes of day-to-day life. Taking a trip to the lake with the family and setting off on a small fishing adventure could be just the answer you’re looking for. The excitement is huge and the thrill of the catch is like no other. Let us talk you through the 4 things you can’t do without when you’re planning your own fishing trip.

A Rod

Fishing Rod

If you’re forgetting this, you’re surely in for a terrible time. Especially as buying spares can be an expensive endeavour. Make sure you pack this first and foremost; before your pants, before your food, before anything – your rod will make your trip. If you haven’t got one already, research what’s best for a newcomer and head down to the store – they will sure be able to help you out. Set out your budget and your wants and needs and let the experts take it from there.


Led Light

The best time to fish is usually the depths of the morning or the dead of the night – it’s so popular at these times because this is when the water is at its calmest. But if you’re fishing in the dark, how the devil will you see? Well, hold it right there. Make sure you check out Light Bar Liaison with the previous link and find some awesome LED lights. They’re cheap, easy to use and light up much better than an open flame. Why not take a look? You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Friends or Family

Fishing With Friends

Fishing can be a great sport to get to know yourself better. The calm of the river can be so soothing, but at the same time, spending this time getting to know friends and relaxing with family can be much nicer than being alone. So, make sure you don’t forget these guys, they’ll make your trip so much more fun! The competition between people is always great fun as you try and figure out who is the best at your new favorite sport. And even then, you can talk about fishing techniques over a nice cold beer. What more could you want?



Truly one of the most exciting things about going to the lake is taking your own snacks and drinks and chowing down on some delicious grub. Fishing is about so much more than the sport itself, it is about letting loose and enjoying the time away from the hustle and bustle. It’s also about making up some awesome snacks for the road. No road trip is complete without them.

There are the four things I wouldn’t leave the house without. Maybe you can think of a few more? Then get planning your next trip fishing.

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