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Leave Your Water Worries Behind On Your Next Camping Trip

Human beings have an innate desire to connect with nature from time to time. Due to urbanization, people have devised ways to mitigate the innate desire of reconnecting with nature through camping. Every year, an estimated 30 million Americans go for camping, whether it be adventure camping, dry camping, backpacking, canoe camping or bicycle camping. Most people use Recreational vehicles (RVs) when going camping and may decide to camp in a spot with little or no amenities. So how do you conserve water when you are out in the wild? Here are some ways:

1) Buy Waterless Shampoo and Water flossers

Waterless shampoo is a great invention for campers as it keeps hair oil-free and makes one feel clean without using water.Instead of carrying soap, using waterless shampoo saves on water and leaves the user feeling clean. Oral hygiene is equally important when camping. When dealing with bottled water, you need the right strategy that would help reduce water wastage. Since you are looking at saving water, then water flossers would come in handy. If you’re looking for one to take on your camping trip, it’s important to look at reviews first. You can find some at: http://www.pearlywhytes.com/best-water-flosser-reviews/. Apart from being compact, water flossers do not use much water, thus giving you the convenience you needed in the scarcity of water with sacrificing the state of your teeth. They are easy to keep fully charged when traveling as they have a charging station and ion batteries.

2) Carry Ready-to-Eat Food and Paper Plates

To avoid constant dish washing when camping, it is advisable to carry ready to eat food and paper plates which will reduce the number of times dishes are washed. The paper plates are handy when making a campfire. In cases where one has decided not carry paper plates, using less dish soap when washing the dishes will ensure less use of water. Scrapping out food before washing dishes reduces the amount of water used.

3) Pre-check the RV and Re-use Bathing Water

Pre-checking the condition of an RV for leaky faucets will ensure water is conserved. When using an RV, capturing water used for bathing and re-using in the toilet is a great way to conserve water. Additionally, using a plastic dishpan when bathing will help in capturing water. Setting up a shower head water restrictor also saves on water as it reduces the flow of water when bathing. Reusing sink water after washing dishes by redirecting it to areas like the toilet is another great way to improvise when using a RV.

4) Prepare Psychologically to Bathe Less

Remember, you’re not at home anymore. Getting dirty when out in the wild is inevitable. However, reducing the number of times one baths will go a long way in reducing the amount of water used when camping. Improvising with wet wipes and cleaning the most important areas of the body helps to reduce the amount of water used.

5) Carry Enough Jerri Cans of Water When Going Camping

Ensure to carry Jerri cans of water aside from the water tank in a RV. Apart from storing water, they are helpful in carrying water when camping near a stream. Ensure to check on the condition of the water tank in a RV before using it.

6) Choose the Right Clothing When Going Camping

To avoid constantly drinking water, it is best to choose clothing that will reduce how much sweat is produced when camping in hot areas. Wearing clothes like vests will reduce the amount of sweat produced, hence, drinking less water.

Camping is fun and is a great way to connect with nature. Life is mostly spent indoors yet there are many things to see when outside. Going camping in a place with little or no amenities can develop one’s survival instincts, but don’t feel guilty if you want to bring a long a few personal items that you don’t want to be without. It is, therefore, important that you have the best tips, especially when it comes to conserving water.

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